In April at Galerie Paula Boettcher, California artist Charles Linder will present a collection of road signs, which he has assembled over the past seven years. An avid traveller of back roads, Linder shares an American obsession with road signage held by young boys and fraternity brothers alike. Linder unofficially removes road signage, which has been fired upon by drunken travellers, thereby inadvertently alerting appropriate authorities to the imminent need for replacement of such altered symbols.

While Linder has yet to ever remove a stop sign at an intersection or a yield sign from near a railroad crossing, his cross-country compulsion to edit the signs seems to come from a semantic underpinning in Concrete Poetry.He describes the sign collection as a semantic monument to Emmett Williams.

Linder will present an especially assembled curtain of the perforated signs – a multi-referential meshing of potential interpretations. As other references in this tradition of action-art mark-making, Linder will present two of his mud-covered T-shirt panels and a vintage photograph of the heavens by the Wolfe group. There will also be a surprise fiberglass visitor in the gallery : a stolen roadside icon which Linder has exported to Germany. The show presents a range of mark-making from the hyper-rural to the meta-urban.